Vardό means “caravan” in the language of the gypsies. In our language, it represents the joy of living and loving, as intense, as free, as happy as they do. Because, most of the time, happiness lies in simple things. Just as the caravan gives them freedom without hindrance, so this wine inspires you to live freely and taste the joy they experience every time they come in contact with the four elements that define their way of life: water, air, earth and fire.

These four primary elements outline what you will now know as Vardo.


Fetească Neagră

Feteasca Neagră is one of the grapes that manage to essentially change its expression, copying the features of the place where they grow. In Segarcea, this variety captures the terroir defined by rich soil and much sun, giving birth to a wine defined by extract and aromatic complexity.

Alive, with an attack dominated by freshness, with tannins present but melted, this wine presents itself as a balanced and refined ensemble, with an evolution in the glass that goes from darker notes, acquired during maturation in oak barrels, to explosive notes of fruits. A long and comforting aftertaste, a little spicy, with a central note of red fruits.


Touriga Nacional

Of Portugal’s more than 200 traditional varieties, Touriga Nacional is considered the flagship grape, primarily due to its ability to produce high quality wines, from the intricate and harsh Douro wines to the delicious Porto wines.

Eager for sun, he easily found a second home in Segarcea, where the 1440 hours of summer sunshine provide all the conditions to produce a warm, generous, complex wine, with groups and stages of successive staggering aromas.

Intense, with consistent tannins, it has a strong structure in which it harmoniously combines wood and fruit notes.


Cabernet Franc & Marselan

An original blend from two French varieties from Bordeaux and Languedoc, respectively, almost non-existent in Romania. The result is a fresh, vigorous, predominantly masculine wine, with a long discourse, in which varieties that define different historical regions collaborate, alternating in the domination of the aromatic spectrum.

Dense and layered, intense and lively, with a glyceric character that gives birth to sweet sensations, this wine has a complex discourse, both olfactory and in taste, the more eloquent the better oxygenated the wine.

It is therefore recommended to decant for 30 minutes, so that you can enjoy its full expression.



A grape that has seduced the whole world with its ability to produce both young and expressive wines, as well as heavy wines with great ageing power. In Segarcea, to capture its aromatic complexity, we chose carbonic maceration for Syrah, a process in which fermentation begins with whole, unpressed and unpeeled grapes.

After slight aeration, it explodes in dozens of aromas, with sweet sensations, despite the fact that it is a dry wine, with well-integrated tannins, which give the body intensity and roundness.

A faceted wine, with a classic expression of southern climate, in which the aromas evolve and are constantly transformed.

Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea
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