“Rare varieties” is the name of a mini-collection of three wines, integrated by expression, complexity and vinification techniques in the Prestige range.

We pointed out the special character of the varieties that make up this sub-range, offering them in the special packaging used exclusively for the Tămâioasa roză, so far. The collection includes two varieties – Marselan and Viognier – which, despite the efforts of the Romanian vineyards, did not have remarkable results in Romania, the only land where they discovered a DRYond home being that of Segarcea.

The third variety, already established, is the already known Tămâioasă Roză, a unique grape, saved in extremis during replanting in 2005-2008 by harvesting stalks from one-century-old stems. These witnesses of history still live and bear fruit, their fruit contributing to the creation of the indescribable experience of this wine.


Tămâioasă Roză

A variety saved from extinction, with the relaunch of the Segarcea vineyard after 2002, managed to find its international recognition in just a few years of existence on the market, winning the Gold Medal at the International Wine Challenge, in Bordeaux, in 2012. The achievement is even greater as the jury, with an obvious inclination towards dry wines, considered this semi-sweet wine worthy of the highest distinction.

The distinctive aromas – of well-riped peach, white apricots and red berries – build a delicate but strong bouquet. The same aromas are found in the taste, but the finish leaves behind a long note of petals and rose jam.



Along with Chardonnay and Pinot Gris, Viognier is one of the few white varieties capable of giving rise to high-density dry wines. It is quite rare as a monocepage, even in its area of origin, the Rhône Valley, its best-known expression being Condrieu wines. At ”Domeniul Coroanei” Segarcea, the Viognier enjoyed almost spontaneous acclimatization and had remarkable results from the first harvests. As a result, it was used in the first years exclusively for making the super-premium white Princess Margareta and Minima Moralia Honesty blends. The maturation of the vines and the implicitly higher harvest allowed us, from the 2013 harvest, to keep a part of the wine for the Prestige range.

With perfectly integrated acidity and tannins, this Viognier is round, dense and friendly, with aromas born from the interaction with the wood, but relatively discreet, preferring to highlight its native aromas of white fruit, vines, and even a little citrus (pomelo, grapefruit) in the long and fresh finish.



A relatively new variety, created in 1961, but imposed as a valuable variety only after 1985, Marselan was born from the controlled crossing of Cabernet Sauvignon with Grenache. After the 1997-2007 replantings in Romania, the acclimatization of this variety was experienced in several areas of the southern part of the country, but so far, the soil and climate of Segarcea were the only ones able to offer it a good home. The remarkable quality harvests from the first years allowed the creation of a memorable wine, the red Princess Margareta, the first 100% Marselan from Romania, whose participation in international competitions brought an impressive balance of Romanian medals. The 2009 and 2010 harvest years also brought important grapes for making the Respect and Devotion blends from the Minima Moralia collection.

In this variety, unaffected by the interaction with the wood, the characteristics of the grape and the way it was influenced by the terroir are fully felt: red and black fruits, with a firm touch of spices, long and friendly finish, heavy, but without giving up in a rather playful spirit.

Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea
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