Oltenia means many things, from passion and sensuality, to determination and action. From hot summers to winters where nothing stands in the way of the blizzard. The people here grow gentle but firm. They can say important things in a few words. They may seem fast, but most of the time, they do things with the future in mind.

We tell you these things because they are part of the essence of the place, so well surprised by the genius Brâncuşi, the one who managed to transform two halves of the circle into the definition of the Kiss. Two lines that capture the essence of the most important gesture of closeness, tenderness and sharing feelings.


Fetească Neagră/ Pinot Noir

”Kiss” is a meeting – not only between two varieties but also between two schools, two cultures, two traditions. Pinot Noir – one of the great grapes of France, and Feteasca Neagră – the symbolic variety of Romania. However, the wine born from this encounter represents more than the sum of its components – the attributes of each variety being intertwined in a distinct personality. It has something from the delicacy and elegance of the Pinot, but also notes of the strength and well-tempered rusticity of the Feteasca Neagră.

Intense and deep salmon-pink colour, with aromas of white cherries, rose petals, pepper, dried leaves, complex but untiring. The taste is fresh, lively, dominated by fruit notes, with a strong acidity but well masked by the denser than average body and with a long, pleasant, intense and relaxing finish.

A solar wine but which does not necessarily require summer evenings and holidays, but rather long meetings, warm conversations and the pleasure of sharing.

Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea
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