A special collection of wines that celebrate nobility and humanity.

HRH Princess Margaret of Romania is the heir daughter of King Michael I. The domain of the Segarcea Crown was inspired for this collection by the noble character of Princess Margaret who dedicates her life to supporting the young talents of Romania, but also her elders.

An impeccable reputation has inspired a wine with noble features and a deep spirit.


Barrique Viognier/Viognier
Pinot Gris/Chardonnay

One of the most complex Romanian white wines, with another floral dimension that gives shape and completes the fruity and glyceric structure of the wine. Aromas of cherries and white plums, vanilla, vines, fresh acacia flowers, lime and dried flowers. Extensive olfactory path, dominated by freshness.

20% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Gris, 45% Viognier barrique in acacia and oak barrels, 15% Viognier.


Barrique Marselan

The first Romanian wine made a 100% from the Marselan variety, planted for the first time in the vineyards of Segarcea in 2005. For this wine, the production was limited to 6 tons of grapes per hectare, to ensure a special extract. Flavours of strawberry jam, raspberries, blueberries, tobacco, spices, cocoa, milk chocolate, rum, coconut and fine leather.

The taste is complex, gradually revealing itself, from the fruity explosion to the secondary tones of spices, completed with a long and elegant aftertaste of liquorice and milk chocolate. It has a great ageing power.

Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea
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