The Prestige Range

The Prestige range, developed under the royal coat of arms and composed of five white and three red wines, is a statement born to carry our founding values as far as possible. Destined for well-known restaurants and shops specializing in varietal wines, it speaks bluntly and leisurely about our passion for the vine. Each of the eight Prestige wines is the perfect opportunity to enter the world of those for whom a glass of wine is always a story about the beauty of life.


Fetească Albă

An energizing and comforting wine, excellent for hot days. Although the variety, traditionally Romanian, is used extremely often for the creation of popular wines, in Segarcea it finds its true nobility, which ensures the richness of grape aromas.

This wine is soft, almost fragile, with intense aromas of white flowers and freshly blossomed acacia. The dominant taste of freshness, almost crispy, reveals a citric acidity that balances the whole excellently.


Sauvignon Blanc

A classic, strong and expressive Sauvignon Blanc. Ageing on fine yeasts in a tank and doubled by a long fermentation is what gave this wine a seductive palette of tones, from the usual notes, herbaceous and of Sambucus, to those of exotic fruits and peaches, both olfactory and gustatory.



Pinot Gris

After maturing on fine yeasts in a tank, Pinot Gris acquired buttery accents that connoisseurs expect more from a Chardonnay. These accents, however, bring the necessary balance to a sprinting wine, dominated by fruit and citrus accents. Gustatory, you can discover the same combination between buttery, warm muffin flavours, and those of white and citrus fruits, the whole ending with a long, lively and comforting aftertaste.



A classic Chardonnay, as intention and achievement: lightly pressed grapes, long fermentation, maturation on fine yeasts in oak barrels, all to obtain a balanced, complex and full-bodied ensemble. The complex aromas are dominated by fruit and complemented by DRYondary shades of butter, freshly fried hazelnuts, fruits and butter, finished in a wide and lasting aftertaste.


Tămâioasă Românească

The Romanian tradition almost imperatively requires that Tămâioasa be vinified sweet, or at least semi-sweet. In Segarcea, this variety has been cultivated for a relatively short time, so we tried to experiment with all its expressions, and the dry wine variant proved to be incredibly expressive, offering an incredible expression of the Oltenian soil.

The extremely complex bouquet goes from roses to pulp of sweet fruits, from white flowers to the classic aromas of Muscat, without leaving a softer or more carnal area, uncovered. The strong and long taste proves to be refreshing, with an acidity that gives a vivacity that sets in motion the complex and full structure that the aromatic levels give. As proof that this wine`s dry winemaking was a good decision, the wine won the Gold Medal at the Vinalies Internationales 2012 competition in Paris.


Pinot Noir

The most fragile and difficult grape variety from which red wine is born, Pinot Noir easily finds its resources in the land of Segarcea to create a strong and expressive wine, without compromising its characteristic finesse.

Enriched by the maturation for 6-8 months in first and DRYond-generation French oak barrels, it has – both olfactory and gustatory – only fine shades of wood and vanilla. The nose is dominated by fruits – cherries, pomegranates – with spicy accents. Taste is excellently balanced between fruit notes and liquorice, with round, perfectly integrated tannins.



A wine created in a classic spirit, from the reduced to 6 tons/ha harvest, to the year it spends in French oak barrels, followed by a period of one year of ageing in a bottle to integrate the flavours acquired from the contact with the wood. The result is a full-bodied, sober wine with a dominant aroma of berries, the sharpness of aromatic herbs, all wrapped in the unmistakable aroma of wood and vanilla of a barrique wine.

The taste reveals a complex structure of the wine, with fruit aromas complemented by subtle shades of roasted wood, spices and liquorice.


Cabernet Sauvignon

The quality of the Cabernet in Oltenia is already well-known and the one in Segarcea is no exception. If any confirmation was needed, it was brought by the gold medal obtained in 2010 at the Séléctions Mondiales du Vin, in Quebec, Canada. The wine groups an extremely wide spectrum of aromas due to the long maceration of almost eight weeks and to the 8-18 months long maturation in oak barrels. The same vinification process essentially contributes to the extraction of tannins and to obtaining a deep colour.

The aromas vary from jams to fresh vanilla fruit, the olfactory size being confirmed in taste, where the well-integrated tannins and the athletic body are complemented by a long and ample aftertaste.

Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea
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