Minima Moralia can be a definition of the values of our humanity and a wine called Minima Moralia cannot settle for halves of measure, but only seek the simplicity of perfection.

Minima Moralia is the name of the set of values on which humanity was built: stable pillars, strongly anchored, but as high as the universe. And why would anyone want to meditate on the principles of life while enjoying a glass of wine? Because the connection between values and wine is eternal, and wine and morality seem to have common roots.

HONOUR, RESPECT, DEVOTION, HOPE, GRATITUDE, HONESTY are the names of special, barrique and mature blends, as only maturity knows how to polish a character. Meditating on humanity and enjoying the company of these refined characters, you might think that nature and human nature are not so different after all…


Viognier barrique / Viognier / Tămâioasă Românească

“The simple gesture of a brave man is not to be part of a lie. One true word can turn the world upside down.”

— Aleksandr Soljenitin

The onset of this wine is extremely fresh, with green sensations, dominated by citrus (lime, lemon, vine), but this sensation actually hides a subtle richness of aromas, from the fleshy pulp of raw peaches and of white plums to shades of white flowers and pollen. The influence of acacia barrels is felt both in the light, perfectly integrated notes of vanilla and in the body of the wine, which has become denser and silkier.


Pinot Noir rosé / Pinot Gris rosé
Cabernet Sauvignon rosé

Most of the time, the darkest sky hides the brightest stars.”

— Richard Evans

A debut marked by the sensation of white fruits – white cherries, white plums, white grapes. After aeration, the aromas of red fruits begin to be felt, doubled by sensations of honey, pollen and exotic fruits. Tasteful, it starts from fine aromas of roses and cherries, to evolve towards passion fruit, pomegranate and fleshy sensations. The fine, perfectly integrated tannins are found in the above-average body of the wine, as a balancing factor for a high acidity, which turns this rosé into a delicacy reserved for gourmet experiences.


Fetească Albă / Chardonnay baricat Chardonnay nebaricat / Pinot Gris Sauvignon Blanc

In this world, the only way to live in honor is to truly be what you claim to be.”

— Socrate

An “alchemical” blend, but one that takes into account the eternal rules that created in the past what was called “regional assortment”. Thus was born a wine whose olfactory debut is explosive, with initial aromas of fine pollen, dried flowers, Sambucus, hay and vanilla. After aeration, the flavours are dominated by honey, fruit pulp and acacia. Gustatory, it confirms the complexity of flavours. A central element, fructose, is surrounded by extreme sensations, on the one hand, the freshness given by high acidity, on the other that of the aromas of a mature wine – butter and vanilla, contained in a solid, round body with glyceric sensations.


Syrah / Cabernet Sauvignon / Marselan

The real strength lies in the obedience that makes you dedicate your life to things above you.”

— Henry Miller

At first glance, this is a wine that begins timidly, with dark tones of dried figs and wood, humid earth and dark inks. Immediately, however, you quickly discover the shades of jams and fresh fruits, doubled by a spectrum of less noticeable flavours that contribute to finishing the whole: tobacco, fine skin, peppers and spices, a drop of vanilla and an imperceptible allusion to exotic fruits. The taste seems a confrontation between youth and maturity, with well-dosed and perfectly integrated tannins giving weight and balance to a young acidity, which reduces a bit of the very sober tones of the wine.


Cabernet Sauvignon / Marselan

No one can take our self-esteem from us unless we give it up on our own.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

From the first contact, the blend reveals depth and complexity, starting with the mature aromas of rum and coconut, then developing in tones of red berries, green walnut kernels, freshly roasted hazelnuts and spices. The taste fully confirms the sensations already guessed, with red fruits in the foreground, but with a lot of secondary nuances that bring fine touches – cocoa, spices, dried fruits, strawberry jam and well-ripened raspberries. The extremely long and pleasant aftertaste is dominated by freshness.


Cabernet Sauvignon

We need to find time to thank those who mean something in our lives”

— JF Kennedy

At first glance, it looks like an extremely hard Cabernet: strong, inky, full of gloomy, earthy, burdocky notes. However, the aromas open quickly to all shades of black and red berries – raw, in jams or in marmalades. The end of the taste is dominated by jams and marmalades – raspberries, strawberries, currants, bitter cherries – and plum jam, with a bit of iodine and shades of overripe berries. Extremely long and nuanced aftertaste.

Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea
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