In the traditional Romanian shawl called ”marama”, craftsmanship and modesty meet. The finest cotton or silk fabric was adorned with geometric motifs whose meaning, now almost lost, was similar to that of the signs sewn on the Romanian traditional blouse called ”ie”. Part of the traditional Romanian garments, it was worn with dignity by both the queen and by simple women, on holidays.

For ”Domeniul Coroanei” Segarcea , this symbol has inspired these six wines made from 100% Romanian vine varieties. They bring joy to the man who carries his history and traditions in his heart. And, as a model vineyard of the kings of Romania, we send a reverence over time to the one who consecrated the invaluable custom of wearing the ”marama”, Queen Maria, the one who stood by King Ferdinand at the Great Union.


Fetească Albă

A grape variety with a history of about a millennium, vinified for a long time as a rustic and unpretentious variety, but which rediscovered its virtues with the recent rebirth of Romanian wine. A wine born from selected grapes from the 15 hectares of Fetească Albă planted in the Domain`s vineyard.

The stum was extracted at low pressure and clarified naturally, at cold temperatures. After long fermentation at controlled temperature, the wine has been ennobled by maturation on fine yeasts for at least 3 months, with periodic batonnage.

Feteasca albă is a friendly wine, defined by elegance and nobility, with intense and complex floral aromas.


Tămâioasă Românească

In recent tradition, Tămâioasa Românească has been a variety dedicated exclusively to semi-sweet and sweet wines, being considered that residual sugars contribute to the preservation of flavours. In our attempts to discover the true potential of the variety, we managed to obtain dry wines with great ageing potential and the Domain launched its first commercial variety of Tămâioasă Românească in Romania.

The wine is obtained from grapes harvested from plots with low density and low production, the Domain benefiting from 16 hectares of Tămâioasă Românească. The grapes go through a film maceration process to extract the flavours, the stum is extracted at low pressures, then fermented between 15-18°C. This is followed by maturation on fine yeasts, with periodic batonnage. It is characterized by classic muscat notes and fine caramel tones.


Fetească Regală

Although the centenary of its discovery and homologation is approaching, the Featesca Regală is not yet fully known. It has been long been believed that its parents are Feteasca Albă and Grasa, but recent studies have rejected this hypothesis. In Segarcea, we have been growing these grapes on an area of 3 hectares, for 15 years, until we discovered the full potential of the variety.

The stum is extracted at low pressure and clarified naturally at cold temperatures. After long fermentation at controlled temperature followed the maturation on fine yeasts for at least 3 months, with periodic batonnage. The result is an elegant and expressive wine, with peach and gingerbread notes.


Tămâioasă Roză

Grape-symbol of Segarcea, Tămâioasa Roză is a descendant of the Muscat family, adapted to the land of Oltenia. From the 14 hectares planted with material saved from a century-old plants, we managed to consecrate on the market the semi-sweet version of this variety, without ceasing to experiment, discovering new valences.

This variant of dry wine was produced from selected grapes, with film maceration of the stum for 24 hours, followed by fermentation at controlled temperature for 30 days.

A young wine with complex aromas reminiscent of roses and young red fruits.


Fetească Neagră Rozé

Feteasca Neagră is the oldest Romanian variety, with roots during the first domestication of the wild vine, which makes the variety adapt quickly to new places, gaining a distinct expression in each region.

The grapes for this wine were selected from the Domain`s 13 hectares of Fetească Neagră. After a period of 3-6 hours of film maceration to acquire color, the lightly pressed stum goes through a slow fermentation process at controlled temperature.

The wine obtained is delicate and reminiscent of the white peaches from the grandparents’ garden.


Fetească Neagră

Feteasca Neagră is considered the flagship variety of Romania, not only due to its antiquity and tradition, but also due to its ability to give birth to elegant, expressive and full of personality wines.

Harvested from low-density plots from the 13 hectares of Fetească Neagră of the Domain, the grapes are lightly pressed, then passed through a two-week maceration-fermentation process in vinification containers with pistons for recirculation. Coming from the best area for red wines in the vineyard, from the place called by the workers “At the Quarry”, we chose not to mature the wine in wooden containers, in order to keep its authentic expression.

The wine is young and lively, with complex aromas and a noticeable density, dominated by fresh notes of red fruits.

Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea
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