The 3L bag (or 5L as you wish)

Mar 19, 2021

It could not have been easier: you press gently on the cardboard shaped by the fragmented line, pull out the “tap”, catch the tug between the index and middle (to aim) and press with your thumb on the only button that still separates you for your evening leisure. 

While it is still considered an atipycal packaging (in our country at least) the bag-in-box has gained momentum in recent years, both due to the support of environmental activists and the fact that it is simply very comfortable. In France, a box of rosé wine in the fridge in the summer is a moral duty for any home. In the high class land, in Manhattan, restaurants serving $100 burgers also have “bag” wines in the menu. In Italy, the government allows the DOCG quality mark (controlled and guaranteed designation of origin) use for wines packaged in bag-in-box too. In our country, seems that this type of packaging has become the first choice for picnics. Practically, wine of any quality can be found in the square boxes, at any price. For now, in other countries, but, as we have become used to, everything that is fashionable in the West today, reaches our lands, sooner or later. The future is predictable, and bagged wine is part of it. Why?

  • The bag-in-box wine is good for moderation, whilst it is somehow unreasonable- why drinking less if you bought more? Because, usually, when you open a bottle, you finish it. And, commonly, this is the best to do, as otherwise, the wine oxidizes ( if you do not have a wine pump and valve plugs, at least) From the BiB in your fridge you can pour a glass or two and leave it there. Nobody opens a box of wine thinking of finishing it in the same evening.
  • The wine in the box does not oxidize- however, most of the producers recommend a term of 20-30 days for its consumption from the day when the package was opened. 
  • The light does not affect the wine. If you keep de box on a shelf instead of keeping it in the fridge (not highly recommended), it would not alter the wine. 
  • The wine box is eco-friendly, from transportation to recycling: the Carbon footprint is eight times smaller for this type of packaging compared to a traditional bottle.
  • It is easy to buy, transport, and store-in the fridge, a 5L box occupies less than its equivalent in bottles (7 bottles).
  • You will not waste any more time searching through the labels when it comes to buying decisions. When you bought a box of wine, for a few days you know that no more choices are needed. 
  • The price/quality ratio is great.
  • It does not matter how many neighbors can feel the mulled wine smell and invite themselves to your kitchen, it is enough!

It is ideal for mulled wine in the winter and for picnics in the summer. If you haven’t followed yet our Facebook page (We recommend you to do it!), by the time we publish these lines, the vineyard is covered by snow and we are craving a mulled wine cup. There are many recipes, but for our BiB we suggest:

  • One litre of wine
  • Two cloves
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1/2 apple cut in slices or cubes
  • Two slices of orange, peeled
  • 1/2 anise flower (optional)
  • Sugar up to your taste (two spoons/ 15-20g should be more than enough)


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