Marselan, an unexpected hero

Mar 19, 2021

In the ’60s, French people used to merge two established varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache, researchers aiming to create a grape for high volumes of wine and medium quality. However, they got a grape for exceptional wine, but not in large quantities. 

The new variety, called Marselan, was left in shadow until the end of the ’80s when the international commerce boomed and the request for quality wine’s growth brought it back to light. 

In Segarcea, a little over 2.000 km from its birthplace, the Marselan has found its second home. And no, there is nothing poetical about it: even since the first fruits, the wines produced from this grape were so special that we only have used them for the limited edition collections. The first red wine edition of Principesa Margareta, a 100% Marselan, matured for 18 months in oak barrels, was a clear example of this variety’s power. Ever since, all the recreations of this wine, only launched in extraordinary years, awarded winners all around the world. 

Later, when the vine began to live its teen years and head towards maturity, we separated  the 10 hectares of Marselan production into parcels between the plots on the ridge of the hill, which receive the most sun and drain the first rainwater, and kept them for the Principesa Margareta and Minima Moralia wine collections. (You can find it in the Devotion and Respect assemblies).

By the time the other parcels started to produce the desired grapes, we wanted to show the world the true genes of this wonderful variety. This is how Marselan Prestige was born, in the Rare Varieties range, the only premium quality red wine produced by Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea that has not got any contact with the oak wood. The result is a young, impetuous wine, with explosive flavors of blackberries, currant, raspberries, strawberries, with light spicy notes that make it pleasant and easy to drink. An everyday wine, cheerful and playful, which found the perfect balance between complexity and simplicity, just as a good teacher, who explains a difficult lesson so well, that you understand everything immediately. 

Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea
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