The 24th of June – Celebration Day at ”Domeniul Coroanei” Segarcea

We like to choose our important historical dates according to the significance of the calendar days. We chose the 24th of June, a day when we celebrate the Universal Day of the Romanian Traditional Blouse, ”Ie” to also celebrate the launch day of our latest collection, ”Marama”. The collection dedicated to Queen Maria, the one who consecrated the invaluable habit of wearing the traditional Romanian Shawl, was launched last year, on the 24th of June, at the Royal Palace in a sublime and solemn atmosphere that we remember with emotion. 

Today we add a new meaning to the day of June 24th and we are happy to launch the new and improved version of our site. The new and digital garments of the Domain aim to accompany you throughout your journey in getting to know our story and the wines we bring to life with so much passion and dedication.

Thus, we welcome you to the lands of exceptional wines!

Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea
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