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August 30th, 2013

We have started to harvest Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris, an unexpected renaissance

               Dating well before the Middle Ages, Pinot Gris is a grape that managed to find its way in all the vineyards of the world, first of all due to its unusual versatility. From sweet charming icewine to the refreshing and energizing fruit bombs of the New World, from the Alsacian sophistication to the wines that is quickly released on the market,  Pinot Gris has always been seducing. It is healthy and it ripens quickly, it can give large yields but it can also be oriented towards incredibly subtle and intellectual expressions. 
            A wine for kings and priests, rare and precious during the first centuries after the year  1000, Pinot Gris has not always been what it is today, on the contrary. In native Burgundy and in  Champagne it almost disappeared  in the XVIII-XIX centuries. More recently it almost disappeared from the entire Europe, until studies and the evolution of technology lead to the isolation of clones capable of insuring constant  yield. The popularity afterwards was incredible and, although it was once almost extinct, this grape recently exceeded Riesling in the surface covered, ranking 3rd among the whites, after Chardonnay and  Sauvignon Blanc, in 2007.  
             Pinot Gris was often a surprise in  Romania, as it gave some spectacular botrytized or fresh and vivid wines, successful export products. In domestic consumption of this wine is still small, but things are beginning to change as more and more producers and consumers sacrify quantity for quality.  In Segarcea, Pinot Gris is grown so as to express the terroir at its best and the exceptional result made it worthy of being included in two of the most precious blends. 
In its single varietal expression, as it appears in the Prestige line, it is similar to a classic wine, displaying a charming dialogue between the mineral and the buttery notes that he acquired during aging on fine lees. The taste proves to have more fruit than the nose, and the white fruit component, doubled by an important citrus presence, doesn’t hide the mineral and buttery notes but  completes them to form a  nice wine, lenghty, persistent, refreshing and energizing. 
              Together with barrelled Viognier, fresh Viognier and Chardonnay, Pinot Gris gives birth to one of the most spectacular and complex white wines from Romania  – Principesa M, the wine created on demand and in honour of Her Royal Highness  Crown Princess Margareta of Romania.
Here Pinot Gris integrates with the white fruit of non-barrelled Viognier, the smokey flavours of barrelled Viognier and the buttery notes of Chardonnay. It brings in vivid sensations and fresh acidity in a chorus initially dominated by dense and austere notes.  The result is spectacular, the result brings together fruits, vanilla, fresh acacia flowers, grapefruit, lime and dry flowers.
              In another blend, according to the same alchemic rules, Pinot Gris meets barrelled and fresh Chardonnay,  Sauvignon Blanc and  Fetească Albă, to create one of the most appreciated wines of  Minima Moralia collection, Honor. It would be enough just to mention the gold medals obtained in 2013 in Concours Mondial du Bruxelles, Challenge International du Vin and Women and Wines of the World to grasp the quality and complexity of this wine. But accolades are accolades and the soul of the wine has a law of itself.  And this wine has a soul that speaks about the land where it was born and about the people who took care of him and fostered him. Soft and kind at first sight, dense and full of expression when opening, this a wine that seduces instantaneously.    Perfectly integrated in all its aspects, with notes that are complementary to each other and grant unimaginable roundness and depth to this white wine, Honor has become a landmark in the newly reborn Romanian wine industry. Each grape gives its best then all is reunited to obtain a wine which integrates pollen and dust, fresh flowers and dry flowers, white flowers and citrus. Everything gathered in a lusty ensemble which seems mellow due to its acidity. Pinot Gris cannot be identified individually here as it cannot be identified in Principesa M, one can only guess it is part of what makes this wine fresh. A small role to play which reminds of how a small touch can make the difference between exceptional and ordinary wines.

Radu Rizea, Journalist

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