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September 03rd, 2013

Today we harvest Tămâioasă Roză, the flagship grape of our estate

Tămâioasă Roză, the symbol of renaissance in Segarcea

           Among all the grapes on Earth, the Muscat is the only one whose  varieties – well determined and genetically defined  – are hundreds. According to some theories, Muscat is the oldest grape in the world, as it is  the ancestor of most of the grapes existing today. With his classical sweet flower flavour, (so typical that „Muscat flavour” has become standard in tasters’ vocabulary), this is the only grape available in white, red and black varieties.
           Depending on the moment of harvest, the climate, the plant density  and the technology used,  Muscat knows almost every possibility, from the dry and deeply floral wines of Muscat Ottonel in the New World to the sweet classical Muscat of Alexandria or the frizzante Moscato d’Asti to  sweet  Malaga and Jerez (the famous sherry). Muscat is also the main ingredient distillate such as Metaxa or the Chilean Pisco.
           In Segarcea, at the end of the 19th century, the research conducted to adapt the grapes to the terroir has lead to planting, for the first time, a varietal of Muscat de Frontignan which has later on acquired, after being acclimated, the name of Tămâioasă Roză. During Communism, this grape was neglected and following the property break-up after 1989, it was completely forgotten.  Fortunately, when the reconstruction of  Domeniul Coroanei was being organized, a plot  was discovered; there where about 2.000 plants of Tămâioasă Roză that had survived against all logic. The varietal resurrected from these plants and today there are 14 hectares covered with this unique grape in Romania. Every year it delight for dessert wine aficionados; it impresses by unusual delicacy marked by rose flavours, ripe cherry and sweet flowers, of course.
            Adapted and altered to such an extent that it still resembles but it is equally different from its ancestor, Muscat de Frontignan, Tămâioasa Roză may be seen as a local grape. Its results have certainly been noticed and appreciated all around the world, in Challenge International du Vin in Bordeaux, Muscats du Monde and Mondial du Rose etc.
But beyond these accolades Tămâioasa Roză is one of the most genuine symbols of the new life of wine in Romania. It has lived year by year the same history as the Domain of the Crown – from its birth to its glory, to disarray and abuse then, after a time of oblivion, it resurrected to  appreciation and distinction.

Radu Rizea, Journalist

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