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September 29th, 2016

2016 harvest: Perfection lays in the eye of the beholder

The last Cabernet Sauvignon grapes arrive today at the cellar, almost two weeks earlier, compared to 2015’s calendar. Once again, the stainless steel vessels are full, the cellar is embraced by flavours, the „pigeage” and „remontage” pistons keep the rhythm of each day, while the oak barrels shiver due to the best juices starting their fermentation.

A while back, we would have described this year’s summer as bad, or at least difficult. Spring frost, rime and hail affected beyond recovery two varieties.
„It was a normal year, almost a good one”, is what we say now, when we saw what disaster looks like, how excellent years look like and we learnt that perfection’s little secret is that it doesn’t exist. Every year will have its own set of problems, be it birds, mold, rot, mutant drosophila, drought or others.
What we were taught all these years is that some balance exists. Each year you learn how to fight another kind of battle, you practice so you’d be better the next time you face the same threat. You learn while grinding teeth, raising your fist against the sky, bleeding and sweating, but it only lasts for so long… When the skin is burnt enough, when the fingers are more callus than softness, after the vineyard is done healing its scars… then the moment comes when you start enjoying more each of nature’s gifts and even suffering from all your losses becomes a bit milder.
We’re done pampering the grapes for another cycle. We already know the Marselan and the Feteasca alba will be excellent. The Sauvignon blanc is, as usual, elegant and still holding back for a while, until all its flavours are realized and stabilized.
We have a big surprise as well: the three hectares of Feteasca Regala have reached an age close enough to maturity to produce exceptional grapes, and their wine promises to be remarkable. The only problem is what to do with this wine, since the variety has been absent from our vineyard for so long?
As for the other grapes – Pinot noir is a seducer, as always, Viognier confirms once again the fact that it found a new home in this rich land, the Merlot acts as a German engineer – acting with precision, with attention for details.
It was an year with good and bad. Let’s enjoy the best of it, shall we?

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