Vardo means “caravan” in the gypsy language. In our language it is the joy of living and loving as intensely, as freely, and as happily as they do. Because often happiness lies in simple things.

Just as the caravan offers them freedom without hinders, this wine inspires you to live free and taste the delight they experience each time they come in contact with the four elements defining their life: air, water, earth and fire.

These four essential elements outline what you will come to know from now on as Vardo.

Live The Flame of the Night, arisen out of the lively fire where gypsies gather to tell their stories, sing and dance with passion.

Sip the Drop of Life, the water refined by the grapes that gather the sun, the earth and the air inside them.

Possess the Power of Will, sprung out of the earth where gypsies walk barefoot.

Feel the Breath of Wind, listen to its music and let yourself shrouded by the pure breath of life.

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