Minima Moralia

Minima Moralia is the name of our soul’s values. In a wine with this name the highest of humanity meets the deepest of nature. And when humanity and wine interweave, it brings out the richest of both worlds.
Minima Moralia

Minima Moralia is the name for the set of values that humanity was built upon: as basic as a pillar, as high as the universe. A kit of values for moral survival and a full blown proof of humanity altogether.

Why would a wine bear such a name, why would a palatal enjoyment carry the burden of introspection? Why would anyone need to be remembered of eternal principles while sipping a glass of wine?

Because the link between values and wines is eternal: dating back since always, lasting for all times, wine and morality seem to have common roots. What a better enhancer of awareness than a glass of wine? And what better mood for self?

HONOR, RESPECT, DEVOTION, HOPE, GRATITUDE and HONESTY are the names for special blends, oaked and matured, as only maturity knows how to polish a character.

Therefore, while enjoying the companionship of these refined characters and pondering over self-humanity, one might think nature and human nature are not that different, afterall...

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