Blue Train

While history cast a shadow on the royal aristocracy, a Romanian wine pledges to unveil a world from a century ago and to preserve its spirit alive.

The Blue Train* range was created for the international market, and the name is reminscent of both the country’s and the estate’s history – while memorable and easy to be recognized worldwide.

The Blue Train was the train of the European aristocracy since the dawn of the 20th century. In Romania, the Blue Train lived a glorious life: built for King Carol I, the Blue Train carried, on its ways throughout the century, all the kings of Romania towards their duties. The Blue Train range of red, rose and white wines gives a glimpse of the rich texture of that life where passion, friendship, guilt combine into a melting pot of palate stories and palatal enjoyment.

*Blue Train brand was developed for the international markets with the same range of wines that can be found under the local brand Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea — Prestige.

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